Our Processes
Our company and all individuals associated with our company commit themselves to the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior, confidentiality and best practices.
  • We hire only the very best available translation professionals in their field of expertise.
  • Always have a proofreader involved in translation.
  • Create a glossary for each client so that we can obtain consistency and use the same terminology on all future projects for the same client.
  • Always meet a client's deadline.
  • Respond to our clients' questions promptly, accurately and completely.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality with all knowledge and information regarding the business products of our clients. 

Translation Process
Preparation and Review

Upon the receipt of all the materials from the client, DTS reviews all the translation parameters that are used to produce a professional language translation.
Some parameters may include:
Source and target language, document type, subject area and audience, format of translation, document volume, deadline and price, certification, DTP or recording needed.
DTS assigns a dedicated Project Manager as a single point of contact for each client. The project manager will assemble the translation team with skills that are appropriate to the subject matter and style of the source documents.
Translation is a core step of our business. DTS translates the documents according to the language parameters agreed upon in advance.
Once the translation is completed, translated text is sent to a 2nd translator to perform editing. The translated target text is compared to the original source text and then checked for accuracy and style.

Translator Review

The translator receives the changes suggested by the editor. The translator checks all the changes and decides which changes can be accepted.

• (Optional) Client Review -  In addition, the translation can be sent and accessed by the client's reviewer.
• (Optional) Back Translation - In addition, the translation can be sent to a 3rd translator who does not have access to the source text. The translator can translate the translated material back into the source language.
Proofreading and Quality Control
Translated documents are compared to the original source documents to confirm correctness in the following areas: Fonts, layout, margins, images, spelling proper names, text flow, headers, and footers.


The proofread and reviewed translation is typeset and formatted according to client requirements, or desktop published (if applicable).

Project Manager Review and Delivery
The project manager will compile all the material, verify that it meets the original requirements and specifications, and deliver the material to the client.


All employees and freelance contractors we engage have a confidentiality agreement on file. In addition, when requested, we execute project-specific agreements with everyone who will come into contact with the project - both internal and external staff. We take confidentiality extremely seriously.
Doylestown Translation Services rigorously ensures the appropriate experience of language professionals involved in a project. All projects undergo a multiple step process of translation and proofreading/editing by separate professionals to ensure quality. All projects have a production checklist associated with them that must be completed prior to delivery to the client to ensure that the project has passed through all phases of quality control.

Selection Process
Doylestown Translation Services maintains a database of thousands of professional linguists from around the world who are experts in different subject matters. Our testing and standards are world class. We hire only the best available translation professionals in their field of expertise with a minimum of 3-5 years of translating experience. We hire only native professionals to translate only into their native language.